I'm a developer from the Netherlands

and I mainly use HTML, NodeJS, Python and more.

HTML is the first language that I learned. I was always curious about how things worked, and first started messing around in inspect element. After a bit I made my first site, which was very ugly but worked. Nowadays I've gotten a lot better with HTML and can make good-functioning sites.

My first ever NJS project was a Discord bot that I created 6 months after I made my account. At this point there were no real bot accounts on Discord, so I used an alt which has since been lost. I've since made many diffrent projects using Node

I started learning python after I got a bit of basic knowledge of NJS. I started with a basic snake game with pygame and eventually started messing around with neural networks.

I know a lot more than just HTML, Python and NodeJS, I also know how to use rust & elixir relatively well. I'm proficient in using SASS, CSS and JS. I have a dualboot of Windows 10, Arch linux & ParrotOS (based on debian). For servers I tend to use RedHat or Arch. I also know a lot about MongoDB and Redis..

Feel free to contact me via GitHub, Discord or if you need to.

I've worked on many open and closed source projects, such as Mue.