Hello, my name is Wessel (Also known as Wesselgame or PassTheWessel on the internet). I'm a full stack developer from the Netherlands and I've made, localized and contributed to many projects, some of the things I made are Pikmin (JS), Snowflakey (TS) and Wumpfetch (JS). I've been coding for around 5 years (since 20-09-2012) and i still learn a lot every day. You can contact me or view my social medias if you want by clicking any of the icons on the left.

Things I'm experienced with and use

Some projects I made/contributed to

Larg - A lightweight and easy to use Node.JS CLI argument parser
Pikmin - A lightweight and easy to use Node.JS logger
Yorushika - A multi-platform bot, written in Node.JS
Snowflakey - Snowflake generation and lookup in Node.JS
Wumpfetch - A lightweight, fast and easy to use Node.JS HTTP client

My specs and stuff